this is the first time that I express my feelings and thoughts openly on the Internet. I feel I have to do it now, I feel the need to express my feelings to the world about the terrible events that shocked the world some years ago. Here is my story:

In the morning of 11th September 2001 I guess I went to university like every other day. At the time I was writing my final thesis, so first I went to a library to read some material then after lunch I went to another university building to go on writing, as I used to do at that time.

While I was working at my thesis, I heard two students talking about NATO planes, but I guess I didn’t pay attention to that. At a certain time, possibly around 5 p.m., I left the place and later at 7 I went to take the bus to go back home. That’s when I first heard of the attack. I didn’t actually hear of the attack itself. You know, after so many hours they possibly took for granted that everybody knew about it and they gave a complete summary only in the 8 o’clock news. Anyway, what they said shocked me: they were saying that tens of thousands of people may have died in the attack, talking about a war. Soon they put music on and I was very curious to know what had happened.

When I arrived home, if I remember well my mother heard me taking out the key as she was standing next to the door and she opened it for me. I’ll never forget the expression on her face. I asked her if the third world war had broken out and she answered: “Worse Andrew, this is worse.”

I saw the first images of the attack and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was petrified. I believe I also cried the following days, watching the news, but I don’t remember the thoughts that went through my mind or if spoke about it with family and friends. Anyway, I remember very clearly thinking that they were talking too much about it on TV. I also went to the cinema to see a documentary, in fact 11 short documentaries in one, about the reactions to 9/11. Some of them actually conveyed the same idea: that many other things were happening in the world, many other people were being killed in terrorist attacks around the world and all we talked about was 9/11.

For some time I never thought about what really happened on that day and the details of the attack, I guess my mind just refused to think about it. Then in 2003 I moved to Germany and while I was in a bookshop I noticed the “9/11 National Commission Report”. I hesitated for a minute but then I decided to buy it. I have to say that reading it changed my life. I was shocked by the information that the book contained about the events and decided to go on and do some research on the Internet. In the following months I visited hundreds of web pages, saw video clips, read reports. Sometimes it was heartbreaking. I must admit that at the beginning my research was not very well organized: it was chaotic and there was too much information, often unclear, but one thing was clear to see: the official explanation didn’t make sense and contained many holes and contradictions. The best evidence against it were the videos of the attack themselves.

After all this research I’ve reached some conclusions: that the official version is a lie from start to finish and that the attack was an inside job. I’m writing a detailed report about what I think really happened on that day and I’ll publish it here very soon.

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