9/11 – a possible scenario

After all the research I have done, I feel sick and tired. Sick and tired of all the lies that we have been told, of all the games they have played to make us believe their story. People have been paid to lie, to write misleading reports, to find nonexistent evidence. I wonder how they can sleep at night, knowing that 3000 people died on that day. I hope they can’t.

Long before 11th September 2001, the government of the USA heard about some plans to hijack planes and fly them into buildings, including the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. It’s probably at that time that some people decided to let it happen because they wanted to make war. They had already tried but in vain: after a terrorist attack against the United States, they had asked the Congress to declare a war against the terrorists, but it had not been possible, because it seems not enough people had died in the attack. (When I heard this, it sent shivers down my spine.)

They allowed the terrorists to come into America and they kept an eye on them. They got the details of the plan and of course they knew that the Twin Towers wouldn’t have collapsed after being hit by airplanes, they needed to have more. Moreover, they decided to change the plan about the Pentagon: the terrorists would hijack the plane, then they would take over the mission.

First of all, they had to come up with a plan for the Twin Towers: to pull them down completely they needed to plant charges in both buildings. Probably, they did it little by little, taking advantage of emergency drills, maintenance work, etc. The weekend before the attack they ended the job.

They also had to develop a plan for the Pentagon. They had to think of something that would confuse people so much that they couldn’t understand what had really happened. Here it’s very difficult to say what they may have come up with, because it’s really a mystery. Finally, what happened to the fourth plane? Well, there’s no way the terrorists could have hit the White House so they pulled it down.

There were some people who had to be informed, so that the plan could run smoothly: some people at FAA had to have known about it, that’s why NORAD was informed 20 minutes after they got to know that Flight 11 had been hijacked. Moreover, the pilots never got clear indications or orders about what they had to do or where the planes were. I believe some of the recordings that have been published may be just fakes.

The most important thing for the perpetrators was to create a lot of confusion so that it would be very difficult to find out and explain what really happened. Furthermore, they knew that the event would cause so much shock that nobody would want to talk about it or look further into it.

Let’s go step by step: on the morning of 11th September 2001 four planes were hijacked and two of them were flown into the World Trade Center in New York. Possibly, some people knew about the plan and managed to stop all actions to prevent it by omitting and hiding information, organizing other military exercises and so on. Some other people were waiting for the planes at the different targets (World Trade Centre and Pentagon). The ones at the World Trade Centre were probably inside Bulding 7, waiting for the order to “pull”, which in technical jargon means to demolish, to detonate the charges inside the Twin Towers. I don’t know if there is a relationship between the highest point reached by the firefighters in both towers and the time of collapse, but if there is, well, both towers collapsed exactly when or just after the firefighters reached the impact floors. In the south tower we know it for sure from the radio communications between the firemen and the command point, in the north tower we know that at about 10:00 the firefighters had already reached the 60th floor, so when the tower collapsed they had probably already reached the impact floors. As there is no tape of the communications inside Tower 1, we don’t know exactly when they reached it, and neither did the persecutors. There is enough evidence (video and audio) to prove that there were bombs in the buildings and that it was a careful and well planned controlled demolition. Building 7 had to be demolished as well, of course.

What about the Pentagon? What we know is that no Boeing 757 hit the Pentagon that day, that’s quite clear, but then, where did United 77 go? What hit the building? According to some evidence and some witnesses it seems that there were two planes going towards the Pentagon before the explosion, one from the right and one from the left. It’s very difficult to develop a theory, but anyway I think that United 77 actually flew over the Pentagon and that some other plane, possibly a military one, launched a missile that hit the building. This is for different reasons: to create confusion among the witnesses and to make sure everything went as planned. The other plane then maybe followed United 77 to pull it down. Mind you, it was a matter of seconds so I think we’ll never find anybody who actually saw the whole thing because who saw one plane never saw the other one because they were coming from two different, almost opposite directions and because everything happened too fast. 

There’s another idea about 9/11 and that is even more terrible: the planes were never actually hijacked, they were just flown somewhere else where they were destroyed. The planes which hit the three targets were military planes. This idea is supported by some people I heard in a few videos online. There are two main points it is based on: the first is that it seems some of the hijackers have been found alive in some Middle Eastern countries. It seems the BBC even managed to interview one of them. The second idea is that some people are said to have made some phone calls from the hijacked planes using their mobile phones but according to experts, it’s not possible to use a mobile phone from a plane, especially from such high altitudes. So who made those phone calls? Moreover, I found out that in 2004 two big companies, American Airlines and Qualcomm, announced the development of a new wireless technology which would allow at some future date airline passengers using their cell phones to contact family and friends from a commercial aircraft. So the passengers on 11th September 2001 were just lucky to get the line? We don’t know what happened to the people on those four planes and maybe we will never know.

Well, this is what I think may have happened. All the information I have included comes from interviews, reports, videos and documentaries about 9/11. They are all available online. I’ll put a list of links here soon.

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