Hi everybody,

here’s a poem that I wrote a long time ago. I hope you like it:


Life is real.

I can see it in your eyes,

when you cry

without hope.

I can see it in your face,

when you smile

with so much joy.

I can feel it in my heart,

when I hear

nothing but the cry

of a hopeless child.

Do we understand the meaning of life ?

Do we shout for fear ?

Do we laugh for joy ?

Do we really care

for our children,

for their future

in this cruel world

full of demons ?

Am I a demon ?

Life is real,

too real,

so real that sometimes

I want to put an end to it,

but I can’t,

because if I do it,

I will lose the only thing I have.

We must live !

We must live

to teach and to learn,

to hear and to talk,

to laugh and to cry,

to stay and to walk,

to love and to hate.

Hamlet said

that the question

was to be or not to be.

I think

that the question

is to be,

full stop.

One thought on “Poem

  1. Claudia says:

    wow, i liked it very much!!!!!!!!!! kisses

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