You probably think that Italy is a wonderful country, you want to go
there to spend some time at the seaside, visit some very nice towns and
cities, have fun. Please, take time to see what also happens in
Italy, that probably you’ve never seen before:


Police attack aged people nearby Naple (Pustarza)

The blog’s interviews: Roberta Radici

The blog’s interviews: truth for Federico

I want to express my disgust and my anger towards the police state in Italy.

Shame on them.

is and has always been a wonderful country, but this government, these
policemen, this system are destroying it. The government is full of
criminals and uses violence against their own citizens.

As for the criminals in the government, here’s a detailed list:

If you know them, you avoid them

The file is in Italian but you can easily see the names sorted by the parties they belong to.

Always look for the correct information. It can save your life.

V2 Day, 25th April 2008 Free information in a free state.

"… let’s make this a better world… " Toto

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