Always the same story…

Dear readers,
after a long break, here I am again. After watching one or two documentaries on You Tube about the G8 summit in Genoa in 2001, I have to say I am really happy of having taken that decision of leaving Italy forever a long time ago. A place where the citizen does not exist, where the state uses police forces, the media and money to control people and institutions, where most of the people accept the status quo anyway.
Those days in Genoa were terrible. Extreme violence, beatings, killings, insults, abuse of authority and many other crimes against simple individuals. Crimes that are usually committed in dictatorships, crimes that should never take place in any country in the world, but that were committed again in
various situations in Italy, sometimes against single citizens, some other times against the masses, like in Naples, when people protested against the incinerators and rubbish dumps, or against the students who protested against the latest reforms on education. What makes things even worse is that all this comes from the police, from the people that should defend citizens against criminals, but in this case, who should defend people against the police?
One of the biggest problem is thecomplete lack of real and serious information. Many people don’t have
enough information to be able to take the right decisions, to have an objective opinion about what happens around them. The authorities take advantage of this to control people’s opinions and actions, buy their votes, change laws for their own profit. In fact, the parliament is full of criminals, who only think about themselves and their parties.
Fortunately, I live now in a civilized country, where of course sometimes there is violence and of course crimes are committed, but it never comes from the government. I feel I can trust police forces here and I think I have all the information I need from the national and local media. Some politicians may be dishonest or corrupted, but at least I’m pretty sure that the ones in office are not criminals who have already been convicted.
Of course, there are also other personal reasons for my living here, but I think that the most important things in choosing the place one wants to live in are the respect of human rights and of the environment, honesty and respect in public life and good infrastructures for the people.

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