G8, L’Aquila, July 2009

Dear readers,
here it goes again: the G8 in L’Aquila has started and the Italian police state is already in action to strike down whoever tries to express his opinion against it. Mind you, no problem if they catch and break down those protestors who throw stones, vandalise and use violence, but of course they will knock down whoever opposes the system, as we have seen in different occasions in the last ten years or
I honestly do not know who, when, where and how will organize protests and demonstrations during the G8 in L’Aquila, what I know is that there will be a lot of anti-riot police around and they will surely not just stand still there, just looking. They will do their job: beat and suppress the opposers. In
fact, the right name for them would be riot police, because they are the ones who start the riots.
Anyway, we’ll see. Maybe nothing will happen and everything will go well. Maybe people will follow Beppe Grillo’s advice to stand back and laugh at the anti-riot police squadrons going around an empty city! Imagine the pictures in the news in the evening of people sitting at tables in bars around the city,
having ice-cream and relaxing, looking and laughing at these policemen going around, not knowing what to do, who to beat! That would be fabulous! But we all know that will not happen. Possibly and hopefully, everything will be fine.
The most important thing is: whoever you are, whatever you do, never use any violence against anybody. Violence brings only other violence, it brings death, pain, sadness, anger, distress. It has no sense.

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