Students’ rights

Dear readers,
students are the soul of a university. They pay the fees, they take the exams, they fill up seminar rooms and lecture halls, they give us work. If they have problems, we must find solutions and we have to do this together, not just by having staff meetings and negotiations among managers and professors but sitting at a table and listening to the students.
I remember that when I was a student in Italy there were several cases when professors just did what they wanted, treating us badly, failing us in the exams for no reason at all, asking impossible questions and so on. We actually had no rights and no possibility to fight all this. In one specific case that some of my friends will surely remember, the names of the students who protested were given directly to the professor in question, making matters even worse.
At the university where I teach we have now a similar case, though the context and gravity of the situation are completely different. What makes things worse is that the teacher in question could now get a full permanent contract. Well, let’s just hope they won’t get it.
Anyway, I am going to tell students that if they have big problems with a teacher, there are a few things that they can do: inform the head of the language department, inform the students’ board, inform the president and/or any person responsible for complaints and boycott the course. By doing this, they can really show their disapproval.
Moreover, there is often another problem in universities as in many other workplaces: the complicity and the partisanship among some colleagues who exchange favours and help each other instead of being honest and fair, indeed ignoring and causing problems instead of solving them. I hate this behaviour because it shows no respect for others. These people lie for each other and are false and selfish.
Well, enough of it now. Some good news before I close: tomorrow I’m going to Erfurt to see Supertramp in concert! A great comeback!
Have a nice weekend and stay tuned for other news or updates.
Bye for now,

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