SLanguages 2011

Dear readers,

if you are interested in learning or teaching languages, especially using new technologies, I recommend you take part to SLanguages. 

SLanguages is a conference for language education in virtual worlds and environments that takes place in Second Life. This year it will be on 16th – 18th September. At this event you can get to know new people, visit the virtual world Second Life, get informed about new methods and technologies and about free language courses at different levels. There will be different presentations on different topics at different times. It usually starts at 6 pm and finishes at 6 pm of the following day, with breaks between sessions. This year they want to add a Sunday session.

The first time I attended this conference in 2008 I was really amazed at the incredible potential a virtual world like Second Life has. At this event there are always many people from different countries, connecting from different places: some people are in hotels, most of them connect from home, others from work. Many of them work for important language centres or institutions like the British Council, Oxford or Cambridge universities. You can have audio, video, share files and material. Moreover, in language courses in a virtual world it’s much easier to practice specific vocabulary and content.

If you are interested, just visit the SLanguages website where you can find the programs and the presentations of the previous four conferences and other information. Soon they will publish the program of this year’s event.

To be able to attend, you’ll have to install the Second Life software, register and create an Avatar on the Second Life website. You can find other information about SL in a post that I published in this blog some time ago. In case you have problems or questions, just let me know, I’ll try to help. Maybe we could even meet in Second Life and have a chat Smile. My avatar’s name is Falk Junkers.

Bye for now.


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