Regional Thuringian Conference in Nordhausen

Dear readers,

last week on 29th February the University of Applied Sciences of Nordhausen hosted the first regional conference for language teachers. It was the first time that teachers from the whole state of Thuringia could meet and get to know each other, sharing information and experiences. It was also the first time in a conference that we finally had enough time to talk directly to colleagues from other universities about our work. I’ve been to different conferences in the last years but it was always a continuous moving from room to room, from presentation to presentation, from workshop to workshop. I only had time to really get to know people during coffee breaks or conference dinners! Instead, in the meeting last week we had “conversation groups” about the different languages and the members first introduced themselves and then talked about the different problems they had at work, asking the others for advice.

The most important topics were: teaching material, copyright issues, dealing with internal rules and regulations, the different levels of courses and students. Another important point that was mentioned was the use of e-learning platforms in and outside class. The two largest groups were English and DAF (Deutsch als Fremdsprache/German as a Foreign Language).

The next regional session will take place in March 2013 at the University of Jena. 

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