Tips for language learning

Dear readers,

here are some important tips on how to learn a language:

  1. Practice: a language can only be learnt by using it constantly, so find a way to practice it a little every day.
  2. Fun: language learning can be boring but can also be a lot of fun: try to do the things you like most in a foreign language, like watching films, playing games, even listening to music if you then read and try to understand the text. So find fun activities that you like doing and try to do them in your second or third language, also without any expectations, just for fun.
  3. Technology: nowadays it’s a lot easier to learn a language due to new applications and software that can help you to organize and monitor your progress, memorize and learn vocabulary, improve your skills. Even social networks can be of help.
  4. Communication: find people you can talk to in a foreign language, use your language skills to get to know other cultures, go to chat rooms for language learning, attend language exchange meetups and events, even practice together with your fellow students and teacher!
  5. Passive skills: even if you don’t produce much language by writing and speaking, you can learn a lot by using your passive skills, listening, reading, watching. You can listen to news radio channels, for example or read articles online or watch a documentary. Don’t worry if you don’t understand much of it at first, most important is the practice. Understanding comes with time.
  6. Aims: find reasons why you practice a foreign language, set up a list of aims, motivation is essential.

In the next articles I will inform you on tools and resources that you can use to improve your learning process.

Stay tuned!

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